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GB-1566603-A: Rolling bearing race ring patent, GB-1566663-A: Computeraided musical apparatus and method patent, GB-156692-A: An improved process for the production of negatives from opaque originals for photolithography patent, GB-1568023-A: Process for the preparation of aminoaphthalenesulphonic acids patent, GB-1568034-A: Inertia friction welding process for making an anode assembly patent, GB-1569218-A: Apparatus for cutting scrap tyres patent, GB-156999-A: Improvements in or relating to the method of and apparatus for "filling in" defective castings patent, GB-1570062-A: Push button lock for safety belts patent, GB-1570078-A: Flameless atomization patent, GB-1570575-A: Photosensitive material for electrophotography patent, GB-1570663-A: Method of making and applying supports for containers patent, GB-1572636-A: Bearings for a cylindrical lift pump patent, GB-1572828-A: Paper web guiding apparatus patent, GB-157318-A: Improved process of and apparatus for low temperature carbonisation of materials patent, GB-1573291-A: Piston cylinder pump patent, GB-1574658-A: Reducing the switching time of semiconductor devices by nuclear and ion particle irradiation patent, GB-1575192-A: Multi-part staybolt patent, GB-1575429-A: Cassette-receiving apparatus patent, GB-1577133-A: Video information record and playback apparatus patent, GB-1577306-A: Roller for conveyors patent, GB-1577556-A: Methods of and apparatus for testing patent, GB-1578010-A: Foot pumps patent, GB-1578386-A: Harvesting machine patent, GB-1578552-A: Travellers for ring spinning machines patent, GB-1579317-A: Apparatus for reducing transmission jolt in motor vehicles patent, GB-1579773-A: Endoprosthetic bone joint devices patent, GB-1579896-A: Manufacture of glycol esters and glycols patent, GB-1580008-A: Automatic head tracking system patent, GB-1580037-A: Guard intended to be mounted around and to protect an electrical wall fitting patent, GB-1580398-A: Radiation sensitive record patent, GB-158041-A: Domestic oil lamp burner patent, GB-1580992-A: Energy absorption element patent, GB-158138-A: Improvements in weed cutters or hoes patent, GB-1581893-A: Pressure-tight electrical bushing patent, GB-1583224-A: Loop extender patent, GB-1583337-A: Down hole pressure/temperature gauge connect/disconnect method and apparatus patent, GB-1583823-A: Hydraulic transmission drive assembly patent, GB-1584365-A: Pipe connection patent, GB-1584655-A: Assembly of heat exchangers patent, GB-1584693-A: Bacterial deodorant composition patent, GB-1584733-A: Magnetic inspection method and apparatus for inner surface of pipe patent, GB-1585167-A: Pressurized gas storage and transport system patent, GB-1585251-A: Acrylic lacquer composition patent, GB-1585591-A: Production of high-density carbon materials patent, GB-1585779-A: Illumination system for a photographic enlarging or printing apparatus patent, GB-1586793-A: 6-substituted tropinones and their manufacture patent, GB-1587043-A: Multi-purpose test set for electrical appliances patent, GB-1588193-A: Processing colour television signals patent, GB-1588288-A: System and method of fluorescence polarimetry patent, GB-1588454-A: Rubber vulcanization using a vulcanization activator patent, GB-1588552-A: Display apparatus for pre-recorded tapes patent, GB-1589300-A: Articles of clothing having detachable limb portions patent, GB-1589420-A: Condenser tube bundle patent, GB-1589498-A: Apparatus for measuring the viscosity or consistency of liquids patent, GB-158961-A: Improvements in devices for ensuring the safe custody of clothing luggage, valuables, or the like patent, GB-1589716-A: Footwear components patent, GB-1590475-A: Electric circuits patent, GB-1591322-A: Method of papermaking patent, GB-1591435-A: Grinding fixture and method of grinding a button of a rock drilling button bit patent, GB-1592827-A: Self gripping clamp with interchangeable liners patent, GB-1594507-A: Installation for distributing refrigerated air to containers patent, GB-159454-A: Bedstead and like furniture joints and connexions patent, GB-1595003-A: Apparatus for and methods of copying documents patent, GB-1596106-A: Metal oxidehydrogen batteries patent, GB-1596824-A: Open-end spinning apparatus patent, GB-1596975-A: Heart beat rate monitor patent, GB-1597006-A: Intensification of digestion and sedimentation in alumina production patent, GB-1597339-A: Mounting machines on foundations patent, GB-1597879-A: Food dehydrating machine patent, GB-1599141-A: Auxiliary air control system for an ic engine patent, GB-1601387-A: Photographic film processing and projecting apparatus patent, GB-1601532-A: Process for the production of low pour point synthetic oils patent, GB-1601771-A: Kinetic method for determination of glucose concentrations with glucose dehydrogenase patent, GB-1601981-A: Implement patent, GB-1602063-A: Polymer beads patent, GB-1602520-A: Method and apparatus for analysing blood patent, GB-1602721-A: Upholstery fabrics patent, GB-1603300-A: Fillers patent, GB-1603301-A: Fail-safe fluid presure equipment patent, GB-1603630-A: Gas-liquid contact process patent, GB-1603637-A: Supporting building structures patent, GB-1604577-A: Coded printing element and apparatus for use thereof patent, GB-160483-A: patent, GB-1604916-A: Seats for children patent, GB-160548-A: Improved means for preventing mud splashing by the wheels of road vehicles patent, GB-160651-A: Improvements in duplex envelopes patent, GB-160687-A: A new or improved apparatus for tensioning and controlling yarn in textile machines patent, GB-161131-A: Improvements in small-arms patent, GB-161177-A: patent, GB-161627-A: Improvements in and relating to lifting jacks patent, GB-162244-A: Improvements in tabulating mechanism for typewriters patent, GB-162632-A: Improvements in hypodermic syringes patent, GB-163101-A: Improvements in liquid raising apparatus patent, GB-163117-A: Improvements in and relating to wireless telegraphy and telephony patent, GB-163356-A: Improvements in or relating to liquid-fuel supply apparatus for internal combustion engines patent, GB-164009-A: Improvements in electromagnetic wave signalling systems patent, GB-164362-A: Improvements relating to explosives patent, GB-164514-A: Improved door or lid to show cases, stock-boxes and the like patent, GB-164951-A: Improvements in aeroplanes having inherent stability patent, GB-165290-A: Improvements in the gasification of fuel and apparatus therefor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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